Park It Right Here: Build Your Perfect Road Trip With The Dyrt

You have your camper van, but now … where to park it? If you book  with GoCamp, we'll give you insider tips on some of our favorite (and lesser known) overnight spots*. You know, the ones that open up to vistas that feel all your own …

photo: Aaron Wessling

photo: Aaron Wessling

But sometimes, an established camp or RV site will be your best (or only) overnight option. Our friends at The Dyrt are campground experts. They’re kind of like Yelp, but for campgrounds. So you get real reviews and photos from people who have parked their camper van or pitched their tent in hundreds of beautiful locations throughout the United States. And here’s our favorite new thing that The Dyrt has to offer that we think YOU are going to love: You can build and save “Lists” using simple and smart filters in order to create your perfect road trip, ensuring you always have a primo place to park it, no matter where adventure takes you.

Shown here: “Selma”, Vanagon Camper, parked at Cottonwood Canyon State Park, Oregon. Photo: Aaron Wessling.

Shown here: “Selma”, Vanagon Camper, parked at Cottonwood Canyon State Park, Oregon. Photo: Aaron Wessling.


Step 1: Create a free account on The Dyrt (download the app so you have it on the go!)


Step 2: Create your first “List”! On The Dyrt website you’ll find it under the dropdown in the upper right corner beneath your profile photo. On the mobile app you’ll find it on the lower navigation bar. Click the + to create your list. Then give it a name and a description. Example: “GoCamp Dreamin’: Oregon/Washington overnight parking options that are dog-friendly, close to hiking options, and near a river.”

Step 3: Now build your list to fit the description! You can always edit it later. On the app, simply click the “Search Campgrounds” button. On the website, head to the search option or the map. Type in your destination, ie. “Oregon”. Then add your filters to refine. For example, we selected the following filters to build our first list: Access: Drive-In, Features: Dog-Friendly, Keyword: River. And bam! We got 183 options in Washington, and 256 in Oregon! That’s a lot of options … so we zoomed in on the map to refine our search area, selecting a route along the historic Columbia River Highway, Oregon on one side, Washington on the other. Then start browsing campsites! When you see the little tent icon, that indicates a Dyrt-reviewed campsite, open it up and check it out. And if you like what you see and what you read from the reviews, choose “save” and indicate the list you’d like to save it to, then click “done”. You can create a list based on amenities and features, location, access, reviews, or dozens of other details.  We found this Oregon campground in our searching; it even has free bikes you can borrow while you’re there! Definitely adding this one to our “GoCamp Dreamin” list.

Free bikes at Cottonwood Canyon State Park in Oregon. Photo credit: Aaron Wessling

Free bikes at Cottonwood Canyon State Park in Oregon. Photo credit: Aaron Wessling


Step 4: Repeat as often as you like! Soon you’ll have a collection of road trip lists that include your preferred overnight parking options at reliable and reviewed campsites. Build a list around seeking out the waterfalls of Washington, or touring the coast, or find the brightest fall foliage in Idaho! The options go on and on for miles.

We know it’s super fun to hit the open road without having every detail ironed out, throwing caution to the wind, a free-spirit with a full tank of gas. But take it from us: it’s also no fun for the sun to be setting low on the horizon, the full tank down to fumes, with no place to safely park for the night. The Dyrt makes it easy to be free-spirited, but smarter! Build a few road trip lists on The Dyrt app, and be ready for a camper van road trip adventure that has plenty of whimsical roaming, along with the peace of mind of having a great place to park it at the end of the day.

And remember, book a vintage camper van, or a modern custom conversion van, or a specialty Sprinter with GoCamp, and we’ll go the extra mile to fill up your road trip memory tank.


*Some spots are best kept off social media, so we make an effort to not name or tag precise spots, and instead keep locations vague in our posts. When you book with GoCamp, you’re renting from local owners who know where to go, so you gain inside access to personal insights and trip considerations.