Solving Your Camping Problems

We recently participated in the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network annual PitchFest. Twenty-two companies had one minute each to make their case. Often, good pitches start with a problem that has a solution. Here's the start of our pitch...

"You are going camping this weekend and you are excited. But you are also already starting to dread the process of finding the tent, and the sleeping bags, and the cooler and then lugging all that gear into the car. Imagine instead if someone handed you the keys to a fully outfitted camper van." Problem solved!

After the pitches the crowd of 150+ audience members selected four finalists to advance to the next round. GoCamp was among those selected; we each had 30 seconds to answer a surprise question. Our question was a softball, "What do you fear most?" These days we're worried about growing too quickly and being overwhelmed by demand for our services. Success is what keeps us up at night.  

After the second round the crowd voted again, and GoCamp took home the grand prize!

GoCamp wins the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network PitchFest.

GoCamp wins the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network PitchFest.

Thank you to each and every one of you that has rented a GoCamp van. Thank you to the PitchFest sponsors, including Vacasa, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, Palo Alto Software, PSU Business Accelerator, Underhill Training & Development and to the fantastic audience that voted for GoCamp. And a big shout out to the 21 other companies that participated - we met so many inspirational entrepreneurs in this process.

Tips for Selecting the Perfect GoCamp Camper Van

We love putting customers in the 'perfect for them' van. You can give us a call at any time to talk through your trip with us, and we'll help guide you to the van best suited to your needs. But in the meantime, here are some tips for selecting the perfect GoCamp camper van.

Are you relatively tall? Like over 6 feet tall?

Consider the White Walrus, Wild Rose, Obsidian, Roads and Rose or any of our growing number of Sprinter vans.

Sprinters, like the White Walrus above, are known for their head room. Photo credit: Devin Tolman

Sprinters, like the White Walrus above, are known for their head room. Photo credit: Devin Tolman

Are you traveling with your favorite furry, four-legged friend?

These vans allow pets: Tilly Jane, The Van Morrison, Marin Mountaineer, Tla-na-na, Red Sky, Roofus, Mt. Hood, Maupin, Tortuga, Tumalo, Metolius, Wild Rose, White Walrus, Vanna, EmmyLou.

Are you traveling with more than four people?

When the in-laws are along for the ride, or the kids want to bring a friend, we recommend the Weekender model of either our Vanagons or Eurovans. See for example Mt. Hood, Metolius, Tla-na-na, Big Zip, Trillium, or Red Sky.

Can you drive stick and do you want people to give you a peace sign or head nod as you drive down the road?

Choose a Vanagon like Mt. Hood, Maupin, Tumalo, or Van Halen.

Are you bringing lots of toys like kayaks, bikes, surf boards and the like?

The van called Little White was made for adventure and can haul all sorts of gear for your getaway.

Little White can haul all your gear and then some. Photo credit: Francisco Lisci

Little White can haul all your gear and then some. Photo credit: Francisco Lisci

Will it be super chilly at night where you are going?

Consider one of our vans with a built-in furnace: Tumalo, Grand Ronde, Rogue, Tilly Jane, Maupin, Marin Mountaineer, or The Van Morrison.

Do you want to pick up your van in the Bay Area?

Marin Mountaineer, The Van Morrison, Roofus, Coastliner, and Sparkles are all ready for you. Our fleet in California is growing by the day and you can help us spread the word! Own a California-based van or know someone who does? Encourage them to join the GoCamp fleet!

Three Ways GoCamp Offers Special Features

How is GoCamp different from other camper van rental companies? We’re pet friendly, peer-to-peer, and our low minimum rental periods let you pop out for a quick three-day weekend. As described below, these key features really set GoCamp apart. 

Many GoCamp camper vans are pet friendly.

Many GoCamp camper vans are pet friendly.

1. You can roam the roads with Rover.

Other camper van rental companies won’t let you bring pets, but GoCamp loves dogs. You can roam the roads with Rover in many GoCamp vans. In fact, we’ll send you off with a dog dish and some treats. Check out Tilly Jane, Marin Mountaineer, Metolius, Tla-na-na, Red Sky, Mt Hood, Mr Mike, Maupin, Tumalo, Little White, Wild Rose, and White Walrus here. (Wow, that's a lot of options for Rover!)

2. Each of our vans has its own unique character.

Every GoCamp van is owned by an individual owner. Others might offer you “van #6.” That just isn’t as fun as driving away in the van Pat and Jody have lovingly maintained over the years (the van called "Tla-na-na"). If you are renting a camper van from GoCamp, you are in for an authentic experience made richer by personal connection to a local camping enthusiast.

GoCamp camper vans are owned by real people.

GoCamp camper vans are owned by real people.

3. Three and four night trips are allowed in the peak season.

GoCamp offers much shorter minimum rental periods than other companies. We know that sometimes you can only afford to get away for a long weekend. We’re happy to help you make the most of the time you have. Life is short after all; your rental can be too if necessary.

Vans with low minimum rental periods include: Tilly Jane, Marin Mountaineer, Metolius, Red Sky, Maupin, Tumalo, and White Walrus. To book these or any other GoCamp van simply click here or the Reserve Now link above. 


Oh, BONUS FEATURE! Our rates are way better too! GoCamp offers the best camper vans at the lowest rates.


Photo credit: Shawn Linehan.