Which Camper Van is Right For You?

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Some people can tell the year a Vanagon was built by the shape of its headlights. (The 1986 – 1991 Vanagons have rectangular, instead of round, headlights.) 

With so many makes and models in the camper van world, it is hard to keep up. As you are evaluating your many options for renting a GoCamp camper van this summer, use the quick reference guide below for the inside scoop.


It's a dream for many. Buy an empty cargo van and outfit it for camping exactly to your own personal specifications. Or go full luxury with an Airstream factory conversion, leather seats and flatscreen tv. GoCamp offers both ends of the spectrum. The term Sprinter has a specific meaning, but it is also increasingly used as a generic descriptor akin to the word Kleenex.  

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a light commercial van built by Daimler AG and has been sold under the Mercedes-Benz, Dodge, and Freightliner brands. As a generic term, the word Sprinter is often used simply to describe a high-roofed camper van. Other vans that are well suited to conversion into a camper van include the Dodge Ram Promaster (Penny, Roads and Rose, Wild Rose) and the Ford Transit.

Airstream, Winnebago, and Sportsmobile are all brand names associated with the cabinetry, bedding, and other interior elements of vans that have been converted into camping vehicles. We're pleased to offer a range of options where truly, no two vans are the same.


Ford Econoline, or E series, vans also make for great camper vans and here we offer several options, including a few 4 x 4 vans such as the White Rabbit and the Hulk.


1980-1991 VW vans are called Vanagons. Westfalia refers to the company that created the camping components on the inside. GoWesty describes the Vanagon as “the last of a now dead breed: rear engine, rear wheel drive, sit-over-the-front-wheels, lean-over-the-steering-wheel-listening-to-groovy-tunes kinda rig.” We agree. Vanagons are pretty special. The classic road trip vehicle, when you rent a GoCamp Vanagon you immediately join an exclusive club. On the road, you’ll be greeted by other Westy drivers with a cool head nod, maybe a slight raise of the index finger. Nod back; you got this.


1993-2003 VW vans are called Eurovans. This was a complete departure from previous models, most notably in that the engine was moved to the FRONT. Some say the Eurovan takes the rough out of roughing it. Easy to drive, the Eurovan is considered car-like with its cruise control, power windows, power locks, rack-and-pinion steering, and independent suspension. In the summer, the A/C provides welcome relief, and in many of our Eurovans, winter camping is made possible by a propane furnace that keeps you toasty and warm. In Eurovans, the camping conversion was often done by Winnebago.

Which is right for you?

We’re happy to help you sort through your options. Give us a call or send an email to gocamping@gocamprentals.com. The good news is, they are all great choices!