Make a Home in Hustle

It would be a shame to hurry along in the van called Hustle, a 2016 4 x 4 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, but if you need to make tracks down a dirt road, this is the van to do it in! With its four-wheel drive, this van is no stranger to adventure and paths less traveled.

Rent a Sprinter.JPG

Hustle comes with a Northwest Forest Pass and just about everything two people would ever need for exploring the world on wheels. Speaking of wheels… do you have bikes? Bikes can be stored under the bed in the “garage.” Done with an epic day of riding? Hook up the shower and rinse off in the back of the van. The shower even comes with privacy curtains, while insulated window coverings will keep things both warm and private on the inside.

Pets are allowed in Hustle and this van is also available for one-way rentals. There’s a Webasto heater for chilly nights, and a shade awning for warm, sunny days. Two auxillary batteries provide lots of power, as does as Goal Zero inverter. The Goal Zero inverter is on a quick disconnect and can be taken out of the van and put under the awning to power things when camping.

The kitchen is a dream, with both propane burners AND an oven. There is even a Vitamix blender in the kitchen for your use. And if you like to listen to music while you cook, you’ll find there are Harmon Kardon mini speakers in the van as well. These portable speakers are blue tooth compatible and can be used to talk on the phone.

Make a home in Hustle. And then remember the #vanlife adage - home is where you park it.

Rent a Sprinter Van.JPG