Pit Stop

Is it Weird to Love a Gas Station?

Exit 189.

I have it written on a scrap piece of paper in the glove compartment and noted in my phone. Exit 189 off I-5 delivers you to the best gas station in the United States: SeQuential Biofuels.

Founded by two friends, SeQuential first started selling biodiesel in five-gallon jugs out of the back of a pick-up truck. Today, they are a low-emissions refinery that’s created more than 25 million gallons of biodiesel. They also operate two gas stations in Eugene, Oregon, one of which is easily accessible from I-5.  


You should stop even if you don't need gas.

Now, GoCamp vans don’t use biofuel, but you should stop at SeQuential Biofuels anyway. SeQuential sells regular gasoline too. But stop even if you don’t need gas. Stop just to see what gas stations could and should be like everywhere.

The pumps are all covered by a roof replete with solar panels. Off to the side containers of used cooking oil pile up, waiting to be turned into biodiesel. Signage above the pump reads “Oregon brewed biodiesels” and “Choose to refuel your local economy.” The space is clean and bright and oddly happy for a gas station. And the real treat lies within the station’s convenience store.

Walk inside SeQuential’s storefront and you immediately understand this is no ordinary gas station. To quench your thirst you’ll find at least a dozen different types of kombucha on tap, and really good craft beer in the refrigerated case alongside unique natural sodas. We always leave room in the cooler knowing we’ll stop at SeQuential. And we plan our departure to hit SeQuential at lunch time because behind the counter they serve sandwiches and other treats made with fresh, seasonal ingredients from local farms.

You won’t believe it until you see it. But when you do, just keep telling yourself: this is a gas station. True to their slogan, you can fuel up and feel good.