VW Campervans

GoCamp partners with GoWesty to offer discounts to van owners

Thanks to a new partnership between GoWesty and GoCamp, van owners who list on GoCamp receive a 10% discount at GoWesty that can be used twice each calendar year.

GoWesty has long supported camper van rental companies with its listing page, which details VW camper rental companies throughout the US. While most of the companies on the GoWesty rental page own their rental fleets, GoCamp is unique in that regular people can list their Eurovans and Vanagons on GoCamp and make a little extra money. We say we’re helping van owners turn “impractical into practically pays for itself.”  We’re also learning that renting your van on GoCamp is a great way to help pay for all the upgrades on the wish list.

Van owners who list on GoCamp have already earned as much as $10,000+ in bookings.

Van owners who list on GoCamp have already earned as much as $10,000+ in bookings.

Jad Josey, General Manager at GoWesty, was intrigued by the GoCamp model because it seemed like a great option for van owners. “How many times has someone put a note on your windshield about wanting to buy your van? Don’t sell it; rent it! With GoCamp you can share the van life in a way where both parties benefit,” he said.  

Those who list on GoCamp agree to make their van available for at least five weeks during the busy summer season of May – September. GoCamp provides $1 million in liability insurance, and $200,000 in comprehensive and collision insurance. We also offer 24-hour roadside assistance, and do DMV checks and screenings on all renters. After just eight weeks of having their listings live, van owners on GoCamp have booked as much as $10,000 in rentals, plenty of extra cash for some of those upgrades they’ve been wanting to make.

Dave Heslam has a 1986 Vanagon (pictured above), called Mt Hood, listed on GoCamp. He blocked out a few weeks this summer to take the family to the Olympic Peninsula, Salt Spring Island, the North Cascades and Waldo Lake. But the rest of the time he made the van available to renters.

Just this week he put some big ticket items in his GoWesty shopping cart and took advantage of the discount. Dave’s had the van since 2006 and it's always had the original running gear, so he purchased new shocks, springs, suspension parts, alloy wheels and more. With his purchase on-line Dave also received GoBucks, a 5%-back incentive program, so in effect the discount grew to 15%.

Dave’s excited and says, “I can't wait until it's all installed because I know the van will drive even smoother than it does now.”

Next on the list for Dave are a new three window tent, an awning and new heavy duty bumpers for the front and rear. He’s on track to earn enough on GoCamp to pay for those and even put a little money in the bank. Or, er, spend it at GoWesty. Thanks GoWesty!