Sweet 16 on the Ohanapecosh -- oh my gosh!

My daughter turned 16 this week so we headed off in the van called Tilly Jane to celebrate. We spent two nights in Mt Rainier National Park at the Ohanapecosh Campground and did lots of hiking and swimming. The Silver Falls Trail starts and ends in the campground and on a hot summer day you can cool down after the hike by jumping in the river. Brace yourself though, it's cold! We also really enjoyed the Naches Peak Loop Trail just up the road from the campground. It connects with the famed Pacific Crest Trail and offers magical views of the park and surrounding area. Plus there was a mountain lake, so more swimming. 

Beyond the hikes and great views, the best part about this trip was just spending time with my daughter. A classic teen, she was out the front door with a quick "see ya, gotta go" about 10 minutes after we got home. But she gifted me the video below as a thank you for the trip, so I forgive her for not helping me unload the van. You're welcome Zoe.

Bird's Eye View of the Pacific Northwest

Jamie, Tom, and Nick, from Apertunity Productions, rented the van we call the Rogue this spring. It was a bit of a last minute rental so we didn't know much about them. When they picked up the van they said, "We're photographers."

Jamie, Tom and Nick with the Rogue at Crater Lake.

Jamie, Tom and Nick with the Rogue at Crater Lake.

Indeed they were. And videographers too. There were drones in those duffle bags in turns out.

The three were from Australia and determined to see as much of the Pacific Northwest during their five day rental as possible. If the video below is any indication, it would seem they covered the entire state of Oregon. We love the bird's eye perspective offered here of Oregon's forests, waterfalls, lakes, snow covered mountains and beaches.

And the van called Rogue looks pretty sweet too!

Special thanks to Apertunity Productions for this awesome video.