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Rent Two Camper Vans. Get Way More Fun.


Rent Two Camper Vans. Get Way More Fun.

One plus one may usually equal two, but when it comes to creating the camper van vacation of a lifetime, renting two camper vans equals way more than twice the fun.

MODE or Revel

You want a 4×4 adventure rig that’s ready for off-grid good times. So what’s it going to be? A Storyteller Overland MODE or a Winnebago Revel?

Photographers Wanted

Are you a photographer who wants to roam the west in a camper van? GoCamp is currently accepting proposals for photography collaborations.

Rent Out Your Camper Van

Learn why the Bartons rent their van on GoCamp, and get advice about renting out yours. Says Erin, “GoCamp takes all the hassle out of it, why wouldn’t we work with GoCamp!?”

Transit vs ProMaster

Trying to decide between a Ford Transit and a Dodge ProMaster? Carmen and Chris tried both and are happy to share their notes. Both options make for great rentals so you can’t go wrong.

Long Term Camper Van Rentals

When regular life gives you lemons, try van life. That’s exactly what Leanna Trombino did when she drove away from home for a 31-day adventure.