GoCamp van owners smile and listen during 2020 annual meeting

Van Owner Meetings

Learn More About GoCamp at an Upcoming Van Owner Meeting

At the start of every year we host a van owner gathering so we can celebrate the past season and strategize on how to deliver the best possible customer experience in the next. We want to make sure everybody is enjoying the journey.

It always feels great to bring the community of van owners together to thank them for sharing their vans with GoCamp renters. The Portland gathering this year was no exception. The best part? It is tradition to give out awards and tour each other’s vans.

And the award goes to…

Every van in the GoCamp fleet is exceptional, so there is always lots to celebrate and acknowledge during the awards ceremony. Here’s just a sampling of the awards this year.

Top earners

Top earners are also celebrated. Many van owners earn over $35,000 by renting their vans on GoCamp. Talk about turning your camper van into a money making asset!

Jordan Elliott summed it up nicely when he said, “Making money off your recreational vehicle is totally worth it. Not only does renting cover all the expenses that come with owning a van, it also gives us a little extra money to make sure the van is in tip top shape, and maybe even add some extra things that we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to invest in.”

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