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What To Pack For Your Road Trip

Road Trip Essentials

What to pack, what to pack …. ugh. If only we could go on vacation without having the gut-wrenching feeling like something important has been overlooked in the packing process. Well, good news fellow adventurers! When you rent a camper van with GoCamp, we do most of the packing for you! So rest assured, even if you forget your electric toothbrush or your fluffy slipper socks, you’ll still be perfectly packed for the road trip of a lifetime.


Before you start stuffing your duffels with all the luxuries of home, let’s go over what’s likely already packed and included in your camper van rental.

COOKWARE – Since #homeiswhereyouparkit you’d better believe we’re going to make sure you have everything you need to feel right at home wherever you’re parked, which means all the gear necessary to cook up breakfast, lunch, dinner, and that most essential of all meals: coffee.

BEDDING – It could be said that the best part of van life is how easy it is to take a nap. And one skill that all GoCamp van owners have in common is the masterful craft of creating coziness with plush mattresses, billowy blankets, and plump pillows ready to catch the nodding noggin’ of a van-life napper.

UTILITIES – You’re gonna need powahhhh! Depending on which GoCamp van you rent, your included utilities may vary. At the very least, you can expect to have propane for heating and/or cooking (or a separate cookstove if not built-in), a refrigerator (or provided cooler), lighting, audio, and water.

ACCESSORIES, ADD-ONS, AND MORE – What else have we packed for you? Let’s see … camp chairs, first aid, games, towels, a bike rack maybe, a tent possibly (in case you need extra sleep space), maps, and a heckofalot of insider tips for making yours the best road trip everrrrr.

Because each GoCamp van has its own perks, quirks, and benefits, there will be some variance from one to another. You will be provided with a detailed and accurate inventory and supply list prior to your trip, so that there are no surprises about what may or may not be included.


So now that we’ve packed pretty much everything for you, here’s what’s left that you might want to bring along:

  • Seasonally-appropriate clothing – Just because you’re inside a camper van doesn’t mean it’s automagically summer year-round. Pack layers, extra socks, shoes for outside the van and slippers for inside, loungewear for lounging, activewear for being active, and weatherproof outerwear for being … out.
  • Groceries – You don’t need to settle for drive-through. You have a kitchen on wheels! Load up the refrigerator or cooler with all the necessities for a 5-star meal that you can cook up wherever you decide to pull over.
  • Your best friend – A lot of GoCamp vans are pet-friendly, so if you’re bringing along Rover, make sure you pack everything he needs to be as cozy as you’ll be.
  • Personal items – Your GoCamp rental will not come with deodorant, toothpaste, your journal, or the complete Twilight series in paperback. We try to think of everything, but if you don’t see it on your GoCamp supply list, then you might want to zip it up and tote it onboard in your carry-on.


Are we forgetting anything? Let’s see, all the cookware you’ll need … check. All the comfy bedding you’ll need … check. Oh! One last thing. The most important packing list item and we almost failed to mention it! As much as we’d like to pack this for you, you MUST bring along your own sense of adventure. We think that one will be easy to remember.

Featured Van: Tumalo, Vanagon Camper. Photo credit Devin Tolman, @devin.tolman.

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